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About Xan

Current CPA Candidate (3 of 4 exams passed), on BEC now :)!

Lifelong learner, with a Master in Business Administration and a Master Certificate in Information Systems. Leader from behind, empowering employees by creating a culture of innovation and growth. Problem solver, with an ability to prioritize, obsess over customers, and focus on big-win projects.

Proud consecutive 4th-year participant @ CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, NV. With more than 180K participants, 4.5K companies, 2.9M net sq ft of floor space, and 1.2K startups, this show is the World's largest.

Avid reader and watcher of Entrepreneur, the WSJ, Forbes, Fortune, Business Insider, CTA Smartbrief, and Brandchannel.

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The one, the only, Xan

Xan the Man

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